Never worry about expiring product with our flexible consignment On Demand!

How it Works

Prodigy assumes 100% of the financial risk of expiring products. We monitor expiry of all On Demand inventory and manage the entire logistic solution of rotating expiring product out at no additional cost to you.

Technology That Makes Your Life Easier

Prodigy Connect RFID Inventory Solution combines the ProdigyVision Real Time Data Platform with the best in class IntelliGuard® Smart Cabinet Inventory System™ to get you connected with an automated solution to monitor consignment inventory.

Prodigy Connect is the only RFID consignment program that allows transfers between RFID and non-RFID locations without being invoiced. Email to get qualified today!

How Does Prodigy Connect Work?

  • Inventory movement automatically updates every time the door is opened and closed
  • Automatic restock notifications are sent for the dispensed product
  • Once dispensed, there is a 48-hour window before an invoice occurs

Offered exclusively through ProdigyVision, Vision Radius View allows Prodigy On Demand Consignment customers real time visibility to inventory located within 4 hours of their location, whether inside or outside of their network.

*Radius view shows product by city and state, hospital names are blinded